Thursday, September 11, 2008

To Responders / Supporters

For those of you that have written to me and responded to my web site / crisis, I ask that you please be patient, I will respond.

Having been in prison for 30 plus years, I have lost all my family and friends to death, and therefore have no outside support; my only income is from an institutional job.

Since I was recently transferred to this institution, I am out of a job, therefore out of financial support.

As soon as I am able to obtain a job and able to purchase stamps I will respond to your letters and provide you with the information and material you have requested.

In Massachusetts; the recantations alone are enough for a hearing for, and or, new trial, but once the DNA evidence is tested, it along with the recantations will exonerate me, and your support will be well rewarded.

After all these years, and at this point and time, I can only say Thank You for your support.

Once exonerated, I hope my actions will be reward enough for your support as I intend on my own, or upon request, speak to any who may learn from my experiences in prison / hell, and of our injustice system.

Until then, I thank you all for all your support.

I hope and look forward to meeting you all.

On another note; lets not forget the other person in this matter; Tanya and her family. She / they are victims, like many other victims of an unjust criminal system.

May God bless them and us all.

And May God bless you all always--and in all ways. Keep smiling!


Hank Haughton
September 1, 2008